Grady-White 330 Express Review

We took the guys from Captain Magazine out for the day on the Grady-White 330 Express, and safe to say they left very impressed...

Grady-White Boats Arrive in NSW – Short Marine

In this video you will see all the boats in action on Sydney Harbour and hear from Sam Short about the new partnership.

Eric Sorensen Shares the Secrets of the Grady-White Boats Hull Design

Grady-White Boats resident expert Eric Sorensen recently visited Short Marine in Sydney to share his wisdom with our customers.

Unleashing the Grady-White 376 Canyon on Sydney Harbour

We took the guys from out for a hot lap to the shelf and back on the unbeatable Grady-White Canyon 376.

Sydney Marlin Fishing on the Grady-White Canyon 376

In January 2018 we took to Sydney Harbour on the Grady-White Canyon 376 for a spot of marlin fishing. Here's what went down!

Behind the scenes at Short Marine’s Service Department

Unlike the majority of our competitors, our core business is driven by our service department which enables us to offer Grady-White customers a post-sale experience like no other.

Driving Tips with Eric Sorensen, Grady-White's resident expert

Grady-White's resident boating expert Eric Sorensen gives us a masterclass on getting on plane, trimming, and other handy tips for a smoother ride!

Sydney International Boat Show 2018 - The Grady-White Boats Showreel

Check out this compilation of footage we’ve shot this year, which we premiered to the public at Australia’s largest boat show in August.