Our difference.


The Ultimate Boating Experience.

It’s our highest mission at Short Marine to create the ultimate boating experience by providing our customers the highest quality products and the industry’s most comprehensive service offering. We take a holistic approach to what we do by combining all aspects involved in owning a boat and bottling it up to deliver a customer experience unlike anything else.

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Life is SHORT. Be here for a good time.

With three generations of boating experience, it’s safe to say our passion for boating was born into us. On the back of the legacy of our late father, Andrew Short, we aim to pick up where he left off and continue driving the boating industry forward here in Australia.

There were many valuable lessons we learnt from our father however, it wasn’t what he said but more so the way he lived his life that impacted us most. This helped craft the vision and mission of Short Marine as to why we exist and the impact we want to have on our customers, employees and everyone in between.